Friday, February 10, 2012

Stress Eater

I am a stress eater. Anytime I am feeling down I eat. I don't understand why, it doesn't make me feel good. Well I guess I feel good while I am eating. But once done I feel even worse. Then I am mad at myself for eating all that! So why do I do it? I need someone to stop me mid food binge and tell me it's not going to help, in fact you will feel worse in about an hour. Would anyone like that job? Bob told me to call him at work and he will tell me to stop. Yeah, like I am going to stop eating, call him and listen to him over the phone. I need someone to see it happening and physically take the food away from me. Next time I am feeling down I will put an ad out for anyone who is interested in the job.

With that said it has been a rough week. But I am back on track now. AGAIN! I am back to eating correctly, blogging and taking care of myself. Even for my Birthday this week I requested a WW friendly cake. Have you ever had the Better Than Sex Cake? It is just as it sounds. I will post the recipe Sunday for you.

It is going to be tough the next couple of days. I have a lot of cake baking to do. I have a strawberry cake to make for Sunday, and so far 3 (I am sure that number will go up) Valentine's Day cakes to make. Do not lick the frosting, I repeat, do not lick the frosting.

That is what I will keep telling myself because on March 4th I am doing the polar bear swim again. That is when my before picture was taken one year ago. I want to look hot jumping into the cold water. I want to look like I could sign up and win the Polar Bear Queen Contest. I won't sign up but I would like to think I could! By the way I am always recruiting people to jump in with me. This year will be an easy one as the lake is only 37 degrees. It's like bath water!

Anyways....Do NOT lick the frosting!!!!!

Counting every bite yesterday:

Breakfast -

Lunch -
Double Cheeseburger from BK - 12 points
French Fries - 6 points

Dinner -
Cajun Style Stuffed Peppers - 4 points
Milk - 2 points

Cajun Style Stuffed Peppers
7 points per stuffed pepper (bob and I get away with eating just 1/2 a pepper)

The only thing I do different is I use turkey sausage instead of the andouille sausage. And I just use our homemade tomato sauce instead of canned. I have also made it without the shrimp and it is still really good! Oh and I cut my peppers in half and fill the halves with the mixture. And like I said Bob and I are always full after 1/2 a pepper. We have added cheese to the top and once did breadcrumbs on top. Both ways were good but add points.

I only fill 2 peppers and then use the leftover mixture as a side dish later in the week. The leftover mixture is also good on tortilla chips, I have done that as a snack many times.

Ending the day at 24 points!

So what did you bite last night?


  1. Sweetie...I've been dealing with these issues for 50+ years.10 yrs ago I said never again when I took off over 100 lbs; only 12 away from my goal. By last fall I had regained almost 75 back. Its slow going but 15 are off now. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm sad. I eat when I'm sick. Quilt, craft, scrapbook to keep fingers busy & projects greasefree. Have done it all...count this, measure that, no carbs, low carbs, fasting, water, grapefruits, etc, etc, etc. I've kept journals, purged the pantry, exercised...still looking for the answers & strength to get control of myself.
    Debbi, I'm so glad you are doing this blog. I wait for your posts. Thank you for giving me an outlet to express my thoughts and the encouragement to get through some days...XOP

    1. It's nice to see that I am not the only one who struggles. It just seems so silly how hard we make it on ourselves when the solution is so easy.
      I am glad to be here for you. I guess that is why I started this blog. I wanted everyone to see that it isn't always easy, we do make mistakes but we can make it through together. We all need to lean on each other and we can do it.