Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today was weigh in day. My goal was to lose 2 pounds. I lost 1.5 and I am very happy with that. Especially because I only worked out one day. This week my goal is 1.5 pounds again. That would put me within 1 pound of my goal.

The subject today at the WW meeting was snacks. How perfect was that seeing as today I was going to write about the Wegmans Coco Pop Multigrain Cakes. They make a great snack and they were talked about a lot at the meeting. Here is the link to them on the Wegmans website.

First off let me say you can have 3 of them for only 1 point! And they are great just to eat plain. However I have done many different things with them.

Here are things I have made with them:

- Put a thin layer of strawberry jam and a dollop of fat free cool whip and it taste like strawberry shortcake. (Thanks for that idea mom)
- Put fresh fruit on them and a dollop of fat free cool whip.
- Same as above and add a drizzle of chocolate syrup
- Put tuna on them
- Dip them in your soup
- Sprinkle cinnamon on them
- Once I made a pizza using them. However it wasn't filling enough to be a meal and it was too high in points to count as a snack.
- Someone at the meeting today said she makes sandwiches out of them. It will only save me 1 point but I will try it tomorrow and let you know how it is.
- A favorite - put Nutella on it. (watch the points can get high with this)
- Spread it with peanut butter
- Fat free cool whip and a little chocolate syrup on it
- Salsa with a little low fat cheese

So as you can see there are lots of things you can do with them and only use a couple of your points.

And as an added bonus in my house - the kids love to eat them plain. What a great healthy snack for them. Much better then chips and crackers!

Seeing as this weeks topic at WW is snacks and the super bowl is coming up I will give you snack ideas each day this week. Hopefully we can all watch the game and not load up on junk.

Counting every bite today:

Breakfast -
- Egg and cheese sandwich (5 points)
- Apple

Lunch -
- Leftover serving of baked oatmeal with fruit (4 points)

Snack -
- Celery and Blue Cheese Dip (1 point)
- 1 Cookie (2 points)
- Piece of chocolate cake (6 points) ------- I really need to get this cake out of the house!

Dinner -
- Chicken Noodle and Veggie soup (3 points)
- Milk (2 points)

Dessert -
- Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bar (3 points)

Ending the day at 26 points! Can't getting any more perfect than that!

So what did you bite today?


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm are some more ideas!

    Spread with a tablespoon of hummus use that as a kind of mortar and stick cucumber slices, chopped celery, peppers and carrots, a couple of hot banana pepper rings and some spinach leaves on top......pile it high it's only 1 pt!

    Try spray butter on them it tastes like popcorn! 0 pts

    Spray butter and a sprinkle of cajun seasoning or taco seasoning is good too! 0 pts

    Top with some low fat or fat free shredded cheddar cheese and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the cheese....Yummy! 1 pt.

    They are great spread with your favorite yogurt! I like some plain Greek Yogurt and peach slices.... 1 pt.

  2. Great week Debbi...1.5 lbs! I'm in awe of your control. Weigh myself every Mon AM. After a couple of bad bad days; stayed the same. This week will be better!!! Thanks for the Weggie link. Gave nutrition info, price & aisle location in my fav store on Military. How did I miss them last summer?!? Love your updates & recipes...XOP