Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pampered Chef Party

Sorry I didn't post last night. I hosted a Pampered Chef party at my Mom's last night and didn't get home until 10 PM! That is very late for me. So I put away the left over food, told my husband what I bought at the party and went straight to bed.

If you have ever been to a Pampered Chef party you know food is served there. So like any party you are very unaware of points of food you are putting into your mouth. I didn't eat much and what I did bite I estimated how many points it was. Luckily I had brought a few WW friendly things (homemade sushi, veggies and blue cheese dip, and a shrimp dip) so when I was eating I pushed myself to that side of the table.

I finally decided to make a Spinach and fruit smoothie yesterday. So I took my spinach and all the other fruits in my house and blended my drink. It was really good. It tasted just like a strawberry smoothie. I wanted to have the kids try it figuring if they like it, it would be a way better thing for them to drink in the morning then juice or hot cocoa. And that way my son would get some greens into his diet. Well he wouldn't try it, too busy watching Mickey Mouse. But my daughter took a sip and then wouldn't give it back. I made 1.5 cups of it and she drank at least a cup of it! Every time I tried to take it back she cried.

I do have a snack recipe for you today!

What I bit yesterday:

Breakfast -
- 3 egg whites, a little low fat cheese, some salsa on a Wegmans Coco Pop thing. (3 points)
***Putting onto the Coco Pop thing was a waist. You couldn't taste it and it got all soggy. Oh well, I had to try anyway.

- Spinach and fruit smoothie. (0 points)

Spinach and Fruit Smoothie
(o points unless you put milk or yogurt in it)
2 cups of fresh baby spinach
3/4 cup water (or milk or yogurt)
5 strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 banana
1 kiwi

Blend spinach and water until spinach is mushed really well. (you don't want to be drinking and then all of a sudden have a piece of spinach to chew on)
Add other fruits and blend until smooth.

***You can really put anything you want in here. Just make sure you have the Spinach in it to get some greens into your diet.***

Lunch -
- chicken noodle soup (3 points)

Dinner -
(well I didn't eat dinner but here is everything I had at the party)
4 sushi rolls (3 points)
a piece of a Reuben ring (9 points)
3 bites of a brownie dessert (3 points)
1 cracker dipped into an egg salad (1 point)
4 crackers dipped into a cream cheese shrimp dip (2 points)

Cream Cheese Shrimp Dip
16 points for the entire recipe
estimating I would say there was about 28 Tbls of dip. So 1.5 Tbls of this dip  would be 1 point!

1 block of low fat Cream Cheese
1 can of baby shrimp (you can use fresh shrimp just cut them up really small)
cocktail sauce (I used about 1/4 cup but make it to taste)

Directions (you have two ways you can prepare this)
1. Place brick of cream cheese on plate, pour shrimp over that and then pour cocktail sauce over all of it. Serve with crackers.
2. Soften cream cheese, stir in cocktail sauce, and then stir in shrimp. Serve with crackers. **I feel this way everything is more uniformly mixed.

Use a low point cracker and you have yourself a low point snack. Oh I bet a little of this dip spread on a Wegmans Coco Pop would be good!

Total for the day was 24 points. Again the points for the Reuben and the brownie were estimated. So I didn't eat any more just in case it was higher.

So what did you bite yesterday?

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