Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's begin

OK so here we go.  I have to say that I am kind of excited about this.  Even if no one reads it.  It will still be fun to write down my bites.
So first let me tell you what my goals are and why I joined WW. 
As you can see in the pictures to the right I have lost some weight.  16 pounds to be exact!  I had two babies and needed to lose that extra baby fat.  So from seeing the wonderful success my mom had on Weight Watchers I decided to join.  I have to say that I was scared at first, not scared that I wouldn't lose it, scared that people would talk about me. I hate when people say oh you're so skinny you don't have to lose any weight.  Thanks, but I do.  Yes I didn't have to lose the 30 - 100+ pounds others had to but I did need to lose some.  I remember when I hit lifetime and my leader asked me how much I lost in front of everyone at the meeting and I whispered "16 pounds".  She said "be proud of that!  It was your 16 pounds to lose.  I wish I had started when I only needed to lose 16 pounds."  I cried because that was exactly right.  It was my 16 pounds to lose and I was proud of it and I was glad I did it now before it got worse.

Like I said I have hit lifetime.  Was it easy?  It had its ups and downs.  But I got there with the support and help of you guys!  Is it easy now?  Heck no!  If anything I have a harder time now.  I get to fluctuate +/- 2 pounds.  Yeah I went on a cruise and gained 4, lost that and weighed in.  Christmas came and I gained 10 pounds.  My last weigh in was 12/11 at my goal weight.  I MUST weigh in on Sunday or I lose my lifetime status.  I still have 4 pounds of that Christmas fat to lose.  But I think I can take off 2 this week and still be within the +2 I am allowed.  Otherwise I have to pay and I hate paying for something that should be free.

So my goals.  Short term - get back to my goal weight this week.  Long term - Maintain that weight!

Each day I will write what I ate and share any recipes I think you should have.  Please feel free to tell me what you ate and send me recipes.  You never know maybe I will post your recipe for everyone to try.

I will continue to need your support and help through this and I hope to support and help you on your journey as well.

Counting Every Bite Today:
Breakfast -
- 1 Cup Greek Yogurt with 3/4 cup chopped strawberries and 1/4 cup Fiber One Cereal (3 points)

Lunch -
- 1 Cup Cream Cauliflower Soup (2 points)
The only thing I do different is I don't use the croutons and I use low fat cheese.
- I also had a ham sandwich.  Why I didn't just eat half a sandwich and half a bowl of soup I don't know.  But hey altogether it was still only 6 points for lunch! 

Snack - This is where it went all wrong today
- 6 cookies (14 points)
- 2 pieces of French Toast (3 points)

Crud I was already at my max points of 26 and I didn't eat dinner yet!

Dinner - Luckily it was leftover night and I could pick what I wanted.
- Turkey Vegetable Chili (1 Cup = 3 points) and a glass of skim milk (2 points)

This Chili is sooooooooo good.  Even my husband and kids love it.  It is a WW recipe.

That's it for today.  5 points over and I didn't earn any activity points today to help with them.  Oh well it's a good thing I get an extra 49 weekly points!

So what did you bite today?


  1. Thanks for sharing Deb...can't wait to see next post. Will have to add all those veggies to my next pot of turkey chili.

    1. Thanks for reading! The chili is so good and with all the veggies, it really beefs it up without adding points from more beans and meat.

  2. Hi Debbi ! You like fabulous and I enjoyed reading your new blog. You should be very proud of your accomplishments because even though it was only 16 lbs that you had to lose, those last few are always the hardest. I wish I had your motivation and will power !

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of hard work, but was so worth it. I wish I had your motivation to go to work, school and take care of 3 kids! Maybe all that running around would help me lose the last 4 pounds.