Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's all my Dad's fault!

Dinner tonight was funny and a disaster all in one. Yesterday I took a steak out to defrost for dinner tonight. I told my husband, Bob, when he called saying he was leaving work I would start the charcoal on the grill.  Next thing I know, Bob is walking in the door. No phone call was made! That means the steak will have to be cooked under the broiler (yuck). As we were getting ready to cook the steak I asked what kind it was so I could figure out my points. It looked like a kind I have never seen so Bob just said say it is a strip steak. Excellent 5 points for 4oz.  I would still have 3 points left after dinner to have some kind of dessert!

The steak was done and I was given one of them to start cutting up for the kids. I mentioned that the color of it was funny. It looked strange but whatever, maybe it was because it was cooked under the broiler. After the first cut I said it was overcooked a little, as we like our steak medium rare and this was more closer to medium. It still had some pink so I was ok with it. Bob asked if I tasted it yet because we were trying a new spice we got from Penzeys. (If you have never been you need to go now! It is a spice store on Elmwood that rocks!) So I took a bite from the kids plate and said "it's alright, it taste like pork".

Now we are sitting at the dinner table eating our meal. The subject of the steak came up again because we were trying to figure out where it came from. It was not the kind of steak we normally buy and it wasn't stored in the freezer like we normally do. Where the heck did it come from? All of a sudden he said "Oh it is pork! When we made the sauce I bought 3 pieces and only used 1. That was the leftover." We were cracking up! No wonder why it was a funny color and why it tasted like pork.

This is now where the part of me blaming my Dad comes in. When I lived at home anytime my Mom would cook pork and it was just the little bit pink my Dad would open his mouth wide and grab his jaw. He was pretending to have lockjaw. We would sit there and laugh at him and my Mom would say it's fine, eat it! Well now it is drilled into my head that you can't eat pink meat! I opened my mouth and held my jaw and Bob told me it's fine, eat it. I know you can't get lockjaw from it but I also know that you shouldn't eat raw pork. My dinner was officially ruined.  I couldn't eat anymore.  (I only had 3 bites of the steak, I mean pork.) Bob told me to put it in the microwave and cook it more. But I couldn't, I was done, I had lost my appetite, there goes dinner.

So you thought I was excited to have an extra 3 points left for dessert, well how excited do you think I am now that I have 8 extra points? All because of my Dad and my "steak" dinner.

Counting every bite today:
       (sorry no recipes today but I promise a great one tomorrow)

Breakfast -
- 1 Cup greek yogurt with a cup of strawberries and bananas and 1/4 cup fiber one cereal.  Yes I know I had the same thing yesterday. But it is really good and filling. (3 points)

Lunch -
- Mega Sandwich! Lite bread, 3 slices of turkey, a whole bunch of spinach, banana peppers, yellow peppers and mustard. It was a 1/2 pound sandwich once all the veggies were piled on it.  Yummy! (3 points)

Snacks -
- 1 cup of Cauliflower soup. (2 points)
- 1 serving of pretzels and mustard (3 points)
- 1 cookie (2 points)

Dinner -
- 3 bites of pork
- 1/4 cup of mac and cheese
- glass of milk
(5 points)  Every bite counts so I said the 3 bites of pork were 1 point.

So now that I have 8 points left and my appetite is back I am going to go and enjoy a Skinny Cow Carmel Truffle Ice Cream Bar.  They are only 3 points and sooooooooooo good. They are big and creamy and yummy and did I mention only 3 points! 

Looks like I will be going to bed with 5 points left all because of my Dad! Thanks Dad, in your own way you are helped me lose some weight today.

So what did you bite today?


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    1. Skip both and only use the grill! But I will tell him next time to use the pan if for some reason we can't grill.