Monday, March 5, 2012

Recipe Contest

Clap your hands - I just did Zumba for 40 minutes! WooHoo I just earned 5 more points for the week!

Ok like I said I have a contest for everyone. I have been giving you what I eat along with recipes I think you need to try. I am running out of ideas on what to eat. Now I know you all have your favorite WW friendly recipes so now is the time for you to give back and share with me. This week please email me any or all of your WW friendly recipes to  (please put the word "recipe" in the subject line) My family will try every recipe and I will post the recipes here for you to try as well. Once all recipes have been tried we will pick our favorite. The winner will recieve the WW Fruits and Veggie A-Z cookbook! If you already have that one you will win a different one. You may submit as many as you like and they can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks....anytype of recipe you like. Just make sure it is WW friendly. Deadline for all recipes is Sunday March 11th.

Ok start sending me some recipes!

I do have recipes I want to share with you but I am tired and want to go to bed. So tomorrow I will post some for you!

Counting every bite today:

Breakfast - Egg and cheese sandwich (5 points)

Snack - banana

Lunch - Turkey sub (7 points)

Dinner - roasted chicken, mashed potatos, milk (8 points)

Dessert - cheesecake (7 points)

Ending the day at 27 points!

What did you bite today?

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